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Registration for the Signavio BPM Academic Initiative

By filling out the registration form on this page, you will create your own work space for the academic process modeling platform by Signavio.

Are you using the platform in the course of a lecture or a project? Please make sure that you have not been invited to an existing work space. Your lecturer might have already created a work space for you.

Who is eligible to use the platform?

  • You are a student and are using the platform in the context of a university course or project or in the context of process modeling training.
  • You are a lecturer or researcher and are using the platform for non-commercial and non-productive purposes or for a publicly funded research project in a non-productive way.

Please note that we might ask you for a proof of eligibility if in doubt. If you find, that you are not eligible to use the academic platform, please proceed by registering for the commercial version of the SAP Signavio Process Manager instead.