Use a unique password with at least 6 characters.


Note that you must not enter personally identifiable information (PII) into model content such as process models or dictionary entries.

SAP will use the data provided hereunder in accordance with the Privacy Statement.


Registration for the SAP Signavio BPM Academic Initiative

By filling out the registration form on this page, you will create your own workspace for the academic process modeling platform by SAP Signavio.

Are you using the platform in the course of a lecture or a project? Please make sure that you have not been invited to an existing workspace. Your lecturer might have already created a workspace for you.

Who is eligible to register?

You may use the platform if you are enrolled at or a member of a public or private educational institution, such as universities, colleges, vocational school and secondary schools.

What is allowed under the Academic License?

You may use the platform for the following non-productive and non-commercial Academic purposes:

  1. To document, model and simulate business process diagrams or other diagrams for creation and academic publication;
  2. For non-productive use in a classroom setting to further education, and specifically excluding any use for commercial purposes;
  3. For internal training for teaching staff, research, and the preparation of dissertations, theses, and other papers required of candidates for qualifications.

Important: All models that are created using SAP Signavio Academic Initiative platform can be made publicly available for research purposes. Personal information such as names and email addresses will not be shared.