Process Intelligence


Signavio Process Intelligence requires a separate license.

Signavio Process Intelligence enables business users to run in-depth process analysis. As a product of Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite, Signavio Process Intelligence can serve as a core facilitator of data-driven change.

What is process intelligence?

The processes that run in your organization continuously leave traces of data behind in places such as your ERP and CRM systems. Process intelligence is all about analyzing this data to gain insight into exactly how your processes run.

For example, you can use process intelligence to:

  • identify the root causes of poorly performing processes
  • detect and visualize compliance violations
  • monitor process performance and act on critical cases and performance bottlenecks

Application scenarios

Let’s have a brief look at some scenarios that can serve as triggers for your process intelligence initiative:

  • You manage a set of production plants. Although the plants use identical facilities, resources and processes, some plants are far more productive than others. You want to find out why and optimize operations based on your findings.
  • You run a customer services center and notice a growing set of high value customers are not receiving timely support to fix seemingly trivial issues. You need to identify why your support process runs poorly in these cases.
  • You are a risk manager in a financial organization. In the past, auditors raised concerns because in rare cases, overly risky transactions slipped through your fingers. Now, you want to identify such cases before the transactions are executed, but you are struggling to find the resources necessary to identify complex cases of non-compliant behavior.

Traditionally, you would solve these problems by hiring a group of business consultants and/or data analysts who manually investigate process management issues, kicking off a high-cost data crunching project. These approaches cost you a tremendous amount of money and time – it might take months before you start seeing results. As an agile alternative, you can employ Signavio Process Intelligence – standard software for business users – that automatically analyzes process data according to your unique requirements. You can get your first Signavio Process Intelligence results within a week.

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